Effie Ballou, founder of Wayside Restaurant

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Effie Ballou, founder of Wayside Restaurant


Bonnie Finn, great-granddaughter of Effie Ballou


Effie Ballou and Family; Montpelier, Vermont


Effie Mae Jack Ballou started the Montpelier Wayside Restaurant in 1918. Family members included: husband J.M. Ballou, son J.M. "Buster" Ballou, daughter Vivian.
This collection features family photos and records of Effie Ballou.


Bonnie Finn


Bonnie Finn
Wayside Restaurant website


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Family documents, Wayside Restaurant






Bonnie Finn family photos and documents, Wayside Restaurant

Collection Items

Wayside Restaurant History
Wayside Restaurant in Montpelier, Vermont; history of ownership

Joseph Madison Ballou  and Effie Mae Jack Marriage License
Effie Jack and J.M. Ballou marriage license, Montpelier, Vermont

Certificate of Birth, Effie May Wheeler
Effie May Wheeler was adopted by Charles and Nancy Jack circa 1900

J.Madison. Ballou death certificate
Death certificate for J.Madison Ballou, 1944

Effie Ballou, New England Telephone Office, 1909
New England Telephone Office, 1909. John Gowdey, manager; Florence [Lill] Norris; Effie Jack Ballou; Mary Vincent Brisbin

Effie Ballou, 1961
Effie Ballou, 1961

Aerial view of present Wayside Restaurant
Aerial photo from Wayside Restaurant website

Postcard from J.M. Ballou to Effie Jack, 1907 (front and back)
Postcard from J.M. Ballou in Boston, to Effie Jack in Montpelier. Includes a picture of Effie taken October 13, 1907.

Effie Ballou, J.M. (Buster) Ballou descendants
Descendants of Effie Ballou, granddaughter, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren.

Ballou candy dish
Ballou candy dish, circa 1950s

Effie Ballou desk
Effie Ballou's desk, circa 1930

Effie Jack, 1908
Effie Jack, prior to marriage to J.M. Ballou

Wayside Restaurant menu
Wayside Restaurant 2015 menu

Wayside Restaurant breakfast menu
Current breakfast menu of Wayside Restaurant, Montpelier Vermont

Wayside Restaurant girls
Wayside Restaurant waitresses and Rey, 1931

Effie Ballou in front of Wayside Restaurant, 1933
Effie Ballou in front of the Wayside Restaurant with (on left) son, Buster Ballou.
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